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If it's "ABOUT ME" in some way or form or fashion I put it here. Page 47.

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If I woke up and nothing hurt I would think I was dead If you are shocked by anything I say...Then you obviously haven't been
If you're gonna rattle my cage, you best make sure I'm padlocked in it I'll be country till I'm dead
I'll never know how individuals can fake relationships...I can't even fake I'm a member of the CSI team. Can't Stand Idiots. Can't Stand Idiots
I'm a proud supporter of messy hair, no makeup and PJ'S all day! I'm a real sweetheart and a real smartass as well
I'm aging like fine wine. I'm getting more complex and fruity I'm doing my part to become more energy efficient...I'm being lazy
I'm having a vision problem today...I can't see myself doing much I'm not a very good sleeper. But you know what. I'm wiling to put in a
I'm off to the nut house. OH wait, I'm already there! I'm So Crabby....I'm not even talking to myself
I've decided to put myself up for adoption. Anyone want me Just a little FYI I am out of the medicine that makes me like you
Webmasters Note: I've said that a time or two.
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