Rare Photos From WWII

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Rare Photos From WWII

The war that cost countless millions of soldiers and civilians their lives. It was one of the darkest chapters in our history, a time of great heroics, and great cruelty. These photos document some of the moments of this epic yet haunting time in our history. I hope that future generations will not forget the lessons that war has taught us. These photos should help them remember.

German SS soldiers

Hitler during Wartime 

Fascist headquarters in Italy

  Himmler meets a soviet prisoner

  The battle of Britain 


Shell shocked reindeer

  Troop movements 

A french citizen cries as German soldiers march in Paris during the French Occupation

Bombing of Reims Cathedral

Buna Beach, New Guinea February 1943. The first picture of American Casualties to ever be shown in the newspaper back in the States.

Japanese Zero shot down

Pearl Harbor

Norma Jeane Mortenson aka Marilyn Monroe

Pilot sits on a Curtiss P-40

  RAF Pilot gets a haircut 

Barmaley Fountain, battle of Stalingrad 

Chinese soldier guarding P-40 Warhawk fighters of the AVG 'Flying Tigers', China, circa 1942 

Naval Action 

Cloud over Hiroshima... 

German Soldiers salute a Swiss Guard. 

Ike addressing the troops 

WW2 in color

WW2 in color 

Hitler and officers in Paris 

WW2 In color

  WW2 Bombs falling 

Consolidated Liberator Aircraft


WW2 in color

American female plant worker

WW2 in color


WW2 bombs, D-Day

  WW2 Bombing run

 U.S. Aircraft carrier

  After the Dresden fire-bombing, 1945