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Ever seen a picture of Barack Obama like this-Like & Share Free Bungee Jumps for Congress NO STRINGS ATTACHED!
I do NOT support the UN gun control treaty I don't need a gun. I have never needed a gun. I hope I never need a gun
I have a plan for the refugees. All males between the ages of 18 to 50 Will I refuse to bend, twist or change to make Muslims feel comfortable in MY COUNTRY
I'd rather shove a wet noodle up a Bobcat's ass in a phone booth then If I have 10 guns, & a federal law forces me to turn in 8 of them, how
If you're voting for Hillary in 2016, raise your hand. Now, use it to slap Important Notice-We ask that all legal gun owners put this on their wall. The
In Germany, if the traffic comes to a halt for any reason, drivers have, by ISIS is the only terrorist org that travels 2000 miles from Syria to attack
Jesus. Guns. Freedom. This is America! Mommy, The Rednecks won't give me their guns
My Guns are NO threat to ANYONE who isn't trying to deprive me or my Never forget what this tyrant said 'to conquer a nation first disarm it's
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