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At first glance, you'll be forgiven for thinking that all foods on this list are

 packed full of healthy goodness. But unbeknown to many, these foods are

 actually highly poisonous. Now, that's not to say that eating them will result in

 imminent death. But it does mean that consuming them means 

digesting a variety of herbicides and pesticides.

Here are eight shocking examples:

1. Grapes 2. Apples


To put things scarily into perspective, a single grape can contain up to 15 different pesticides.... 

So think twice before indulging in a whole box of them.


While an apple-a-day may keep the doctor away, consuming an unwashed apple 

can result in a trip A & E. To avoid such a trip, thoroughly wash the apple's skin to 

rid the nasty pesticides that often stick to the surface.

3. Celery 4. Peaches


According to a study from Yahoo! Green, Celery is the world's dirtiest vegetable, 

with 64 difficult-to-wash-away chemicals lurking among the roots.


Coming a close second, peaches, oddly enough, can wreck havoc to any 

human body. Yes, they may taste delightful, and boast an excellent shade of red, 

but beneath their prepossessing exterior lies 62 kinds of poisonous chemicals. 

5. Lettuce 6. Raspberries and Blueberries


Though a staple part of a salad, people often overlook where their lettuce 

comes from. In fact, lettuce and kale are ridden with a plethora of 

chemicals, so it's better to go organic.

They may have a fresh and healthy image, but berries are an insects best friend. 

Thus, to stop pesky insects and birds from nibbling them, growers often douse their prized

 fruits in a variety of different chemicals. Again, it's safe to go organic when buying berries.

7. Spinach 8. Strawberries


Even more than berries, spinach leaves are a haven for insects, and because of that 

reality, many farmers use a dangerously toxic spray containing carcinogenic 

(a primary agent in causing cancer) to protect their spinach leaves.


Saving the worst till last, the danger that comes from strawberry consumption might

 just make your jaw drop. Indeed, while being the most chemically laden fruit in 

California alone, strawberries are also highly contaminated in most other areas

 of the world due to farmers interfering with their natural growth. 

In fact, in South America, farmers shockingly revealed that 

non-organic strawberries are so heavily contaminated that you could grind them up,

 and they'd practically turn into pesticides themselves.

9. Cherries 10. Ackee


They may be the fruit that spawned the famous phrase, "the cherry on the cake," 

but eating the wrong part of it may just turn that phrase into, " the cherry on the casket."  

At least, that's according to research from the British Columbia Drug and Poison 

Information Centre, who found that the hard seeds contained in the middle are poisonous.  

And like other fruits, the pit contains cyanide, which, if consumed whole, can 

result in an upset stomach, or in some cases, death.

Native to tropical West Africa, the ominous looking fruit is best left to ripen. 

Either that or you can dice with death, due to the deadly toxins they contain.

 In Jamaica alone, 23 died from the fruit, while a further 194 were left with upset 

stomachs according to a 2011 report. It should come as little surprise 

then that the FDA banned its sale in America.

11. Peanuts 12. Lima Beans


While peanuts are an excellent source of protein, they are also the most common 

food allergy in America, with over 3m Americans registered as allergic according to the 

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. Most worryingly, food allergies can occur at 

any time in your life, which is a fact worth knowing when consuming these nuts. In fact, 

just one bite of their crunchy inner layer can play havoc with your 

airwaves and even render you unconscious.


They may look like a dose of healthy green goodness, but these beans can 

also turn your face a not so favourable green. Lima beans contain linamarin, which, 

when consumed, deposits into a toxic chemical called hydrogen cyanide.

13. Tomatoes 14. Puffer Fish


You say tomato; I say tomato. In this case, however, we'll say death. After all, 

there's a small possibility if you consume one of these bad boys due to

 the glycoalkaloid contained in its leaves


Any source of fish is often lauded by experts for their omega-3 properties, and 

puffer fish is no different.... unless it isn't cooked correctly. Indeed, certain parts of

 the puffers skin and organs contain a deadly toxin that can paralyse a human, and in 

even kill them if the appropriate aid is not administered in time. If that wasn't enough of 

a warning, then perhaps Homer Simpson's near-death experience with the

 fish will have more of a direct effect. 

15.   Rhubarb Leaves


Rhubarb often makes for the most delicious of puddings, but its leaves aren't

 anything to mule over. Instead, they contain an array of poisons, which can directly

 influence your breathing, lead to kidney failure, and in rare instances, even death.

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