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Pencil Tip Art Creations

Dalton Ghetti creates miniature works of art resting solely on the tips of lead pencils. What is even more impressive is the fact that he doesn't rely on the use of a microscope or magnifying lens to sculpt out his phenomenal creations. This is one exhibit you must literally see to believe!

A Lead Pencil Tribute to "The King" 

A Heart Shaped Locket Dangles Inside the Pencil 

"The Tools of the Trade" 

Dalton's "tools of the trade" include; a razor blade, a sculpting knife, a sewing needle, and a few No. 2 pencils. 

A Few Marvelous Miniature Creations 

Dalton carves a wide variety of designs, which range from a horse figurine to a perfectly shaped hammer. 

The Talented Artist Takes a Moment to Appreciate his Work 

The Brazilian-born artist currently resides in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and is a carpenter by trade. He began his artistic hobby over 25 years ago as a form of meditation.  

The Beginning of a New Design 

The Entire Alphabet from A to Z 

Patience is a most important virtue in this line of work, since the vast majority of the carvings take several months to complete. The alphabet carving seen here took almost 2 years and a half to finish! 

Chain Links on a Pencip Tip 


A Microscopic Sewing Button 

"The Cemetery Collection"

Over a hundred sculptures have broken off while Dalton was working. He displays the discarded pieces, which he refers to as "The Cemetery Collection", on a Styrofoam bed as a reminder of past mistakes.

Would You Care to Have a Seat?

Patience is the Key to Finishing Each Unique Design 

A Miniature Mailbox 

You Might Need a Magnifying Lens to Spot the Cross Here

Another Unique Creation  

Does Anybody Have a Screwdriver? 

Dalton Spends A Long Time Carving Specific Details Out 

Pencil Nunchuks That Would Make Bruce Lee Proud

A Pair of Chained Hearts 

He has made over 100 carvings, including a very touching 9-11 memorial tribute titled 3,000 Tears, which you can see here

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