10 Cats That Prove You Don't Need 9 Lives To Succeed As A Human

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While we are all well aware that cats have human-like qualities, including their moody personalities and desire to show you whose boss, there have been a few times that cats have gone even farther and truly tried to transform them into human beings, with full-time jobs and families to feed. What do you think, would these cats fool you?

1. Stubbs, the Honorary Mayor of Talkeetna

Stubbs is the ageing, honorary mayor of the Alaskan town of Talkeetna. With a population of less than 1,000 (people, we assume), Stubs has been bringing in up to 50 tourists a day to the town.


2. Tama, the Japanese Station Master

The cat’s primary responsibilities are to welcome incoming passengers at Kinokawa station and, on special occasions, wear the Station Master’s Hat to improve public relations.


3. And who could forget YouTube sensation Maru?

According to the popularity of Maru (over 200 millions views), cats really need their own reality shows, too.

4. And his famous friend Grumpy Cat

We’ve heard he’s sick of being type-cast, though…

5. Then, there’s George

We can’t all be politicians or YouTube stars, can we? Sometimes, we need to set our sights a little bit lower, and there’’s nothing wrong with that. George has been working towards a career as a human impersonator, and he’s almost got the walk down!


6. And there’s George’s good friend, who’s already taken it a couple steps further…

Rocking the overalls and acting the human outside!


7. And their lazier friend…

Who understands the meaning of a good ole fashioned sleep-in.


8. Although this feline seems to have things a little more under control…

Forget mayor, he’s probably pulling a Trump and running for President!


9. After all, there’s precedent…

Catmando may just be the only cat to have led a political party (to no victory and, in fact, no major successes at all).

10. And meet the most recent Internet sensation

This kitty demonstrates an impressive ability to balance various objects on its legs and he does it better than me and you.

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