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Natural aircraft "

Undoubtedly, a series of spectacular photographs of insects macro. 

As if it were true "natural planes," they show their wonderful size. The 

only arthropods that have wings are adults. The presence of wings is one of 

the adaptations that has provided this group of organisms advantages, 

given the possibility of large displacement and dispersion.

In general the most modern insects fly with two pairs of wings as a single unit (using coupling mechanisms), 

or may have a pair of wings is not functional for the flight (eg .: elytra, halteres). 

Some insects, especially external parasites of vertebrates, they do not need wings for

 dispersal have evolved so that today are wingless.

The wings are formed by expansion of the integument or cuticle, joined in the middle. 

Most wings have more or less triangular shape, distinguishing the base and apex angle anal.

Groups have longitudinal and transversal veins, which have their variability 

taxonomical value, that is, serve to identify groups of insects. 

The veins enclosed areas are called cells.

The most common are membranous wings, but there are wings with changes in

 texture, thickness, shape and / or tamaņo.Membranosas: They are, delicate, 

translucent and usually with numerous veins common wings.

Photography: Eugene Banin, Gustavo Restrepo

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That is A great group Where I get a lot of my stuff from & Marie is a great Mod there!!.