This Mystical Island In The Caribbean Is One of A Kind!

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This Mystical Island In The Caribbean Is One of A Kind!

Welcome to Pig Island!
Pig Island is an uninhabited cay (island) located in the Exuma distract of the Bahamas Island chain.

The island has become a bit of a tourist attraction and the pigs don't mind one bit!
They are friendly to visitors who often feed them scraps of food.

Swim buddies!
The pigs are so friendly that they will let you swim with them!

Perfect swimming weather
The pigs are proficient swimmers and love to show off for their new friends!

Who doesn't love sitting on the beach?
Due to the pigs lounging around, the locals have dubbed the island "Pig beach".

There are a few theories to how the pigs ended up on Pig Island.
One of the theories is that the first pigs on the island were abandoned there by a group of sailors who intended to come back and eat them, but never returned.

Another popular theory is that the first pigs were survivors of a shipwreck and swam to the island which has been their home since.

He's so cute!
Regardless of how they got there, the pigs are here to stay!
Just look at how friendly they are!

Are you bags packed yet?
What are you waiting for? Time to go to the Bahamas!