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Are we taking over the world- Not today Pinkey too cold for that shit!
Dear winter...Just because you were barely around in 2015 doesn't mean
Do you really expect me to poop out here! Do you want to build a snowman- No I don't want to build a freakin'
Going to the grocery store the day before the snow hits Hey remember when it was 60 degrees in December and everyone thought we were
I can't wait to get out of my warm bed and go to work when it is 8 degrees I prefer my footprints in the sand to the snow
If it's snowing I'm not going!
I'm done with winter! I want to fast-forward to spring!
I'm not going outside until tempereature is above my age I'm tired of winter. I want to fast-forward to bitching about how hot it is
January is the worst month. You're fat and broke from the holidays, paler Just a friendly reminder that, in this cold weather, leaving carbonated
Like and share if you been through this struggle during winter My favorite outdoor activity is going back inside where it's warm
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