Money Stuff-Photo-03
Hi all,

If it somehow involves money I'm putting it here. This is Page 3 of the album.

& I guess that we need back to the Money Stuff Menu don't we.
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I am looking for a bank which A man's money will never excite an independent,
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I can hardly believe it I'm rich! I have Silver I hate when the debit-credit card
I love other people's money I'm in the mood to receive a check for six hundred
It's Christmas again Here we go bying this years Just saved a ton of money on my car insurance
Minimum wages around the world Money can't buy happiness but it can buy food
Service members who deploy can place an Active Duty Alert The face you make when you didn't pay the
yup it's money The moment you realize you saved hundreds on an alarm,
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Welcome to the middle class, Where if you're lucky you have kolavery,
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