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Veterans Day-Honoring all who served Veterans Day-We honor all who served
Victory! New Orleans becomes the first US city to end chronic homelessness among veterans by providing them with apartments. Share if every city should follow New Orleans lead! Like our page: The Other 98%.
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God bless you Chris Kyle and all of our fallen heroes,
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If the VA can't provide timely treatment, you should be able Let's give our vets congressional benefits and give congressmen
People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough Joseph Langdell was assigned to the USS Arizona when it was attacked in 1941. He was one of 335 men assigned to the ship who survived. He died Feb. 4, 2015, in Yuba City, Calif.(Photo: Ted Langdell) See great story here if it's still up ,
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Vets before illegals Share if you agree Our Veterans deserve better treatment from the,
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Theres a good reason why you've never got a bill for the freedom Dear Radical Islamists, Pleased do not confuse the incompetence of our,
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I support all veterans! God sent me to take you to Allah,
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Wants everyone to know...Looks llike the first 10,000 'refugees' will be,
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We were the best America had-Brothers who fought without America's
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