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X-mass, Sure ain't what it's suppose to be in my opinion & that's all I'll say on that. Page 3.

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I don't want much for Christmass Maybe Christmas, he thought,
Santa wanted me to drop in Christmas hugs take one and, Updates for 2013-12-01 start here.
Merry Christmas from Emilie Remember I'm not just for Christmas
Christmas is all about love, family, Updates for 2013-12-06 start here. Dear Santa I don't want much for
Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas He sees you when you're pooping
I hear it's offensive to say Merry I tried to send you something
This Christmas I'm putting Dear Santa, I have been a really, Updates for 2013-12-07 start here.
Rudolph The sleigh would be a By the time they reached the, Updates for 2013-12-18 start here.
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