Holiday-Valentines Day Stuff-06
Hi all,

& there ya have it ! I truly hate this one but not near as bad as X-mass. Just for the record I am talking about the commercialism of them!! Page 6.

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Valentine Items 02-20160213=1731-Cupids on Blue Valentine Items 02-20160213=1731-Dog 01
Valentine Items 02-20160213=1731-Dog 02 Valentine Items 02-20160213=1731-Dog 03
Valentine items 03-20160213=1731-Doves & hearts Valentine items 03-20160213=1731-Doves for You
Valentine items 03-20160213=1731-Doves on Lavender Flowers Valentine items 03-20160213=1731-Drawing a Heart in the Sand
Valentine items 03-20160213=1731-Dreaming of Love and Sweet Dreams P Valentine items 03-20160213=1731-Every Beat of My Hear
Valentine items 03-20160213=1731-Every day Is Special Valentine items 03-20160213=1731-Face In Heart
Valentine items 03-20160213=1731-fe031b34b1 Valentine items 03-20160213=1731-First Kiss
Valentine items 03-20160213=1731-Floating Hearts Valentine items 03-20160213=1731-Floral Scrap p
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