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Hi all,

& there ya have it ! I truly hate this one but not near as bad as X-mass. Just for the record I am talking about the commercialism of them!! Page 3.

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Valentine Items20160212=1146-2-12-housemouse2 Valentine Items20160212=1146-2-12-tpot1
Valentine Items20160212=1146-2-12-tpot2 Valentine Items20160212=1146-Roses Pic
Valentine Items20160212=1146-Satin Heart Pearls & Rose Valentine Items20160212=1146-Say it Wh Flowers Val
Valentine Items20160212=1146-Seaside Romance P Valentine Items20160212=1146-Send My Heart to You
Valentine Items20160212=1146-Seven Cupids & Red Heart Valentine Items20160212=1146-Sides of Love P
Valentine Items20160212=1146-Snoopie Valentine Valentine Items20160212=1146-Special People
Valentine Items 01-20160213=1732-Aangel Valentine Valentine Items 01-20160213=1732-Aways be my valentine P
Valentine Items 01-20160213=1732-B Mine Roses Valentine Items 01-20160213=1732-B My Val Hart-Roses
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