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Santa, Why are you sad It's A simple prayer for use at the time you smudge, for cleansing and purification, to keep out negative energies, Updates for 2014-01-02 start here.
The first ever cordless phone-2,
Updates for 2014-01-21 start here.
GOD Designed me Created me,
Updates for 2014-06-07 start here.
If ya ain't got Jesus then ya I made all of this out of nothing,
Updates for 2014-07-24 start here.
Jacob was a cheater Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know you
Toddler Jesus at bath time I would rather please God and,
Updates for 2014-08-05 start here.
Many books can inform you only Dear Atheist, If you do not believe,
Updates for 2014-08-16 start here.
Aren't these things great remember,
Updates for 2015-01-08 start here.
Dear God if today I lose my hope please remind me that
Dear God, I did not sleep well last night, but I did Dear God, I don't ask you to make-02
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