Funny Animals That DGAF And Will Fall Asleep Anywhere

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1. When Grocery Shopping Gets Really Boring... 

2. Why Walk When You Can Sleep?

3. Falling Asleep At The Vet Like "I Hope I'm Home When I Wake Up"

4. I'm So Hungry... But I'm Also So Tired...

5. Try & Make Those Burgers Now, I Dare You

6. Screw The Book Report, I'm Sleeping

7. Hope They Don't Mind If I Crash Here

8. After The Sheep Herding Is Done, This Australian Blue Heeler Passes Out On His Flock

9. Baby Squirrel Passed Out In A Cup

10. After A Howling Good Party There's No Better Way To Pass Out

11. Planking Sleepy Style

12. Who You Calling A Pussy Cat? No Fear Feline Right Here

13. This Cat Also Enjoys Sleeping On The Wild Side

14. Kitten Sleeping In Wine Glass... Talk About A Wino!

15. Move Aside Small Crying Thing, I Was The Baby Around Here First

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