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All the people who don't like eating vegetables have
 one thing in common- their love for anything potatoes. 
Potato is one such vegetable that tastes yummy in 
every form - mashed, baked, boiled, sweet, fried, 
you name it. Unfortunately, it has been given a 
bad reputation due to the misconception that it 
makes you fat, increases blood sugar, and causes 
heart problems and other health issues. 

Like they say, 'Blame the player, not the game' 
same way, 'Blame the method, not the potato!' 
Very few realize that it's the form in which we 
eat potatoes that matters more. Most of us 
choose fried and salty variety like French fries, 
cutlets, chips etc. but if eaten in baked/ roasted 
form it can prove to be really healthy.

Energy: Potatoes are starchy carbs which provide 
energy instantly. It's a great snack when feeling 
weak, famished or tired. Since it is digested easily 
it is a boon for patients, babies and aged 
individuals who cannot eat hard food.

Digestion: Potatoes have good amount of 
soluble fiber and with the skin it also provides 
insoluble finer which prevents constipation, 
reduces cholesterol and helps you feel fuller longer.

Blood pressure: They are also a good source of 
potassium which helps control blood pressure and 
reduce water retention as well.

Gum problems: There is a very high amount of 
vitamin C in potatoes which can prevent gum 
bleeding. Vitamin C is also necessary for 
collagen formation which helps heal the skin, 
wounds and bone cartilages.

Cell building: The vitamin B6 content of potatoes 
is required for formation of new cells in the body 
and also for normal brain functioning.

Heart diseases: Potato skin contains lot of 
phytochemicals which which help protect against 
cardiovascular-disease by lowering levels of 
bad LDL-Cholesterol and keeping arteries fat-free.

Eat them the right way and you will never disregard them.

Did you Know? A bite of Potato is eaten before 
a meal. This helps the tongue become clear of 
any taste in your mouth and let's you fully 
enjoy the taste of food you are going to eat!
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