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Firefighters in Charleston, South Carolina came together to help make Charleston the FIRST community with no kill shelters in the Southeast. Howdid they achieve this? The absolutely best way possible: They created a calendar with hunky firefighters and even more adorable adoptable dogs.
All of the proceeds go to the Charleston Animal Society and will be used to treat abused and injured animals. Just in case you haven’t ordered yours yet… here’s a preview that’ll make your heart pound for the pups from the pound.

Is it getting warmer in here?

It’s defintely getting pretty balmy.

The air behind him is literally turning to smoke.

This is just ridiculous…ly amazing.

I’ve never wanted to trade places with a pup quite so badly.

What is in the water in Charleston?


Just looked up flights to South Carolina…

Who wants to come with?

Them EYES!

Even this adorable puppy couldn’t take its peepers off them.

Do they recruit their firefighters from modeling agencies?

I have yet to be convinced otherwise.

“This view is great”- The firetruck

And just in case you thought this was some kind of one off deal…

They also spend time off duty helping pups!

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