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Decided that my 2016 starts again on February 1st... January was a trial Goodbye January Hello February Please be a good month and bring
Hang in there I think I see the weekend Happy New Year, or as I like to call it 75 days left until St. Patrick's Day
Hopes everyone has a blessed Sunday!. How I feel every Sunday night. I must stop Monday from coming....But how
I survived Monday...Bring on Tuesday! I'm 500% done with today and like 68% done with tomorrow already!
is it friday yet-02 It is always a good week when you make it through not needing bail
It's a new day... a chance to make new friends, or piss off a whole new It's Gorgeous Grandma Day!
It's Thursday...Or as I like to call it day 4 of the hostage situation It's Thursday December 24, 2015. Happy CHRISTmas Eve. If you're
January is the worst month. You're fat and broke from the holidays, paler Monday found me again...Must hide better next time
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