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Aliannah-Got her Daddy's looks-around 20151010,
Updates for 2015-12-14 start here.
Aliannah-Oh yeah my first sippy!-20151024
Aliannah-Too much cuteness-201512 Aliannah-With Santa-201512
Samantha, Zach & Alexis & they are all getten big-20151203 3 of my grandkids William John Calli-201512,
Updates for 2016-02-16 start here.
Alexis 2nd Bday party-02-201512 Alexis 2nd Bday party-03-201512
Alexis 2nd Bday party-04-201512 Alexis 2nd Bday party-201512
Alexis-She cooking with her oven with face protection!!-201601 Aliannah-1st B-Day-2016
Aliannah & Owen-I just want my daddy!-201601 Alyanna-New Niece -20160131
Webmasters Note: That prolly should have said Great niece (as well as the nexst pic) But I never did worry about all them titles.
Arianna-New Niece -20160131 Angel Bullock-20151224
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