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My Friend Mel Krampus Wheeler with favorite My Friend Teresa & her daughter Roza Bullock-201410
My Niece Alyssa 2 year old My Nieces Karissa & Brit from May 15, 2013
My son James & my Daughter Sue-201412 Sam First day of school. 7th grade.
Sue Kreidenweis Bowles, My Daughter new look Teresa Getting groomed by Angel and Scruffy.-201410
Zack First day of school. 5th grade. Katrina & my wonderful granddaughter-20150113,
Updates for 2015-01-16 start here.
My Mom, Carol Stemann-20150110 Paul on way Homecoming Dance-201501
Sweet sweet Ali-Granddaughter-20150114 Aliannah Greenway, Now my newest grandaughter-taken on 20150125,
Updates for 2015-01-26 start here.
Webmasters Note: Yes this is the Actual Marley I been talking about!
Webmasters Note: Yes this is the Actual Misty I been complaining about!!!
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