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My Niece-Alyssa-201408 Owen & Chris-not sure what when or where
Alexis-10.5 months Alexis first bday party
Alexis first bday party again-201411 Alexis First Christmass-2014
Alexis first Santa visit-2014 Alexis loves her new your from great grandma
Christmas eve peek a boo-2014 with Mike Bennett Dear Children, I gave you life, You give me your Reese's& just so that you know THIS IS LAW!!! Love Dad.
Grandkids Samantha 12, Zach 10 & Alexis 1-xmass 2014 Lookin all mean-20141007
Lorelei and Alyssa with their mustaches-201412 Marley-2014
y 7th Grandchild-Aliannah Jean Wayne Greenway-Born 20150102 My Friend Mel Krampus Wheeler-201409
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