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My Grandson John, He's 9 in this pic My Niece & her BETTER half-20131225
My son James with my new Granddaughter-20131220 one of my grandaughters, Callianna-201312
Roy Stemann, I'll miss you always!! Samantha, Zach, Alexis, 3 of my grandkids
James & Amanda on her Birthday 2013,
Updates for 2014-01-09 start here.
3 of my grandkids-2014,
Updates for 2014-01-21 start here.
Calli My grandaughter age 7 in 2014 Katrina Root, Owen's GF of a few years-201401
Marley, Owen's dog-201401 My son James & daughterinlaw Sue-2014
Samantha & Alexis-201401 Good times 201402,
Updates for 2014-03-14 start here.
Just so damn true for your wonderful webmaster My granddaughter, Sam got a little color-201402
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