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The latest of my album.

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3 of my grandkids William John Calli I believe this was taken in 2013 my niece Karissa and her partner Kim I think this was taken in 2013
2 of my grandkids, Calli & William 2013 Katrina and Owen goofing off-2013
My sister Jenny-2013 my sisters Jenny and Carrie-2013
Owen and Katrina-201304 Calli William snacken 201304
This is just so me I just had to put it here. Karen and Hubby Alex-2010
Karen Hernandez-2012 Katrina and Owen full pic prom of 201304
Katrina and Owen Prom of 201304 Katrina giving Owen a kiss-201304
Owen-Katrina-prom of 201304 William feeding ducks at grandmas
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