Hi all,

Just pics that I like, sometimes includes family & friends wether they know it or not.

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camera goof off Yeah me, figured if I didn't put it here I'd get linched by the rest of the crew
Owen-Buster, Anybody want a dog????? no smoking, & if ya don't like my smoke HEY ! there's the door, It's my house
Owen1, Yup that's one of my boys My-inlaws
paul1, yup another one of my boys sue-at-school, they just love her there
Susan1, at her best [LOL], I just don't understand why she hates this Pic thetear, enough said
Long story folks, want to know email me Allyson, Susan's friend, bet she didn't think I'd really post this.
I hate it when Susan beats me to bed, Just see how she hogs both sides of the bed.
Allyson's son Jacob
football awards for the boys
Owen at the football awards
Paul at the football awards
Paul with his best buddy Cameron
Steven, Owen's best buddy
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