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Britt (Niece) & my two new Nieces (Great Nice)-20160129 Misty rearranging MY bed again-20160108
My Daughter in law Sue-20160104 Paul-20160210.
Paul wont take off his cute little hat even when home!!-20160214 Aliannah & Owen taken around 20160325,
Updates for 2016-06-25 start here.
Alexis This is how my Grand-Daughter falls asleep apperently-201606_1-2 Alexis This is how my Grand-Daughter falls asleep apperently-201606_2-2
Alyanna stickin her lil tongue out-20160416 Reese 5 weeks old-20160410
Webmasters Note: Guess he didn't like me or Paul or Misty or all three of us cause he ran away!!
3 of my Grandkids, Samantha, Zach & Alexis-20160919,
Updates for 2016-10-19 start here.
William, Grandson, Lil man being silly!!!!!
Williams 1st day of 1st grade!!!!! Cuddles before bedtime with her daddy-My Grandaughter & my middle son.,
Updates for 2016-11-26 start here.
My Daughter Amanda-20160310
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