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Cat Returns Home 5 Years After Hurricane Katrina

Jennifer Noble, AP
Five years after Katrina, one cat-loving family has finally recovered from the devastation. 
Last week, Biloxi, Miss., resident Jennifer Noble got a feline blast from 
the past when she checked her answering machine. A message from the 
Humane Society of South Mississippi informed Noble that 
they had her cat, reports the Sun Herald. 

Upon returning the call, Noble discovered that her beloved Russian Blue 
and Tabby mix that went missing after the hurricane was at the shelter. 
She had found her long lost kitty, Scrub!

According to the Sun Herald, the Humane Society worker asked Noble 
if she was missing a gray and white cat. To which Noble replied,
 "You have my cat! Oh my gosh! That cat has been missing for five years!" 
Nearly speechless, the worker reportedly told Noble, 
"'Oh my gosh. Well, Merry Christmas!'" 

Fortunately, Scrub had been micro chipped before he was lost in 
the post-Katrina aftermath. A woman living roughly 15 miles away,
 in Gulf port, Miss., had been feeding the stray cat until recently, 
when she grew worried about an upcoming cold snap. Upon Scrub's 
arrival at the Humane Society, workers scanned his 
microchip and tracked down his owner. 

Noble told the Sun Herald that the cat was skittish upon first arriving home, 
but after a few hours Scrub relaxed, and at bedtime that first night 
the prodigal cat snuggled under the covers on her son's bed. 
"Scrub always slept underneath a blanket on somebody's bed," 
Noble tells the Sun Herald. 
"I've never seen any other cat do that."