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Frogs-Turtles, oh yeah what a great combination but Hey it makes for a great Album what can I say. Page 1.

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froghop hangin-frog
stacked friendly hello
tounge pierced guitar frog
on leaf conga line
swimsuit vr sweatpants turtle slap
warn ninja
Solute to creations of Allah
World largest tortoise found in Amazon river. 
Its age around 529 years old / height-59 feet/ weight-800 pounds OR
 362.87 kg 
OMG slow down Frog holding leaf umbrella
OMG I'm flying poor guy was made into a key ring, Updates for 2013-11-23 start here.
Your pet rock just peed on my Patient frog waits patiently, Updates for 2013-12-01 start here.
Quick, to the mothership! RAWR!!!!! Just kidding I'm only, Updates for 2013-12-07 start here.
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