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Go ahead and run. He likes fast food I don't shed...I emit magical fibres of joy and love!
I dub thee... My 'Best Friend Forever!' I shot the Ferret But I did not shoot the Parakeet
is it friday yet-02 Let's go find the human who abandoned u
Look, peeing on a criminal after a takedown is not considered a high 5
Webmasters Note: I don't know why but I really love this one!!
Looks like rain... I'll shit behind the sofa
Married life-Any guesses which one's the wife May Karma never bite you in the ass. I am Karma!
Mom, he was chasing me again! I did no such thing Money can buy a lot of things, but it doesn't wiggle it's butt when you
My shadow has four legs and a tail Now watch me whip. Watch me nae nae
Webmasters Note: My Daughter Amanda Shared this one after I posted it .
Officer Hickey retired this month. He expected that his six year old K9
Webmasters Note: I guess they will prolly find a way to do that to Human cops next, If true this is just plain wrong in my opinion!!!
OMG!!! it's a rat!
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