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My dog is not a pet. My dog is family! Re-post on your wall if you People who really love their dogs are the most kind and giving people
There there. You don't need him anyway, you have me! We ONLY feed Max organic, non-GMO, free-range, unprocessed,
AH. That's much better!,
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All you need is love and a dog
Don't ask But yes, I could use some help So the cops came to my house today and said your dog was chasing
True love is knowing, No matter how long I'm gone, My dog is Every dog deserves to be loved. Please share if you agree!,
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Despite all the bad days and the mean people I still believe in good days,
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Pug in an ugg on the rug looking snug
A best friend is someone who loves you when you forget to love,
Updates for 2015-08-11 start here.
Angels are often disguised as Dogs
The vet called, My appointment is CANCELLED!!! How you feel when, someone says it's just a dog, And you think,
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