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The most poweful antidepressant in The vet says I have kitten pox but they are not contagious
There's no such thing as a mean dog They told me I could be anything So I became a Doberman
This dog gets all the chicks To my dog I will never move and not
When I'm mad at someone but Yes, your honor, That's him, That's the idiot who thoght
You can look BUT you can't touch You got to be kidding me What Pet Cemetery did you
You will tell them you did it NO Your bed don't make me
You're sexy, You're drunk Can't read a clock, Always knows when it's dinner time,
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Don't cry ugly bald puppy 'I was the flight attendant on a Memorial Day flight. Speaking with the passenger in the front row, I learned that the dog pictured was Corporal Kiddy. She had just earned her retirement after 12 years with the U.S. Marines. I made an announcement to congratulate her on her career. The cabin erupted into applause. The corporal jumped onto the nearest lap to graciously accept."
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