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I don't always use the litter box. But when I do, it's when you're trying I said four....Feed me four times a day...How many toes do I have up
I'm So Crabby....I'm not even talking to myself Is he dead- We better walk on his face and find out
Keep it down I'm on the phone Let's go find the human who abandoned u
Meowed until Human woke up-Didn't need anything just bored Mom, he was chasing me again! I did no such thing
Now I lay me down to sleep. in seconds I'll have fallen deep! My human OMG!!! it's a rat!
This is our dog now, human. Get your own Until the lion learns how to write, every story will glorify the hunter
Uhm...The hairbrush is escapin What did you get for Christmas. Fat. I got fat, ok
Been playing hide-n-seek with the dog for 3 hours...He still hasn't found me!,
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Cats probably think we are cleaning our ice cream
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