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This will gettem You see what he's doing, right
Been watchin u sleeps, Updates for 2013-12-18 start here. Can't fall asleep GOOD your dreams
Don't even think about it HEY, YOU UP Don't make me go
I has had it up tu here wif They text me plz because it's
Wrong password, you cannot NOPE nope NOPE nope NOPE!!!!!!!, Updates for 2014-01-01 start here.
Preparing to meet the new dog You want to wash your hands
Fred caught a bug out of the, Updates for 2014-01-09 start here. People usualy kiss because it's,
Updates for 2014-01-21 start here.
Dear single girls, Please stop saying,
Updates for 2014-03-14 start here.
Iz ready for my manicure
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