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I hope this time the human understands my art It's the little things that terrify you
Soft human, warm human, one with no fur. Tired human, sleepy human Why does the Human-Slave keep stealing my poop with a tiny shove
You had one job, CAT! Before you jump.......You've arranged for someone to come feed us Right,
Updates for 2016-10-18 start here.
Got a new kitten. Man can it fart Here's a kitten dressed as a bat to brighten up your day
I just sold the cat on E-Bay I run on caffeine, cats & cuss words
Rules for Non-Cat Owners who visit and like to complain about our cats Take me to the fridge, tiny human
Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it's about to scare the crap out of the dog Ladies do not start fights. But they can finish them
Meow! You're supposed to meow back REMINDER- Cold season is starting, and cats seek shelter in cars. Do not forget to give
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