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So this huge bird used to roam This dog gets all the chicks
If you haven't shared this story yet, you could quickly become our 6,000th to do so.

Kansas game wardens are looking for a bald eagle killer: This story has reached more than a quarter of a million people on our Facebook page tonight. Thank you to everyone who has shared so far.
Webmasters Note: Not sure when this occured but I prepared the post on 20150208
A Weasel getting a piggyback ride from a woodpecker,
Updates for 2015-03-04 start here.
Whenever a bird shits on my car, I eat a plate of scrambled eggs on,
Updates for 2015-05-20 start here.
What the hell are these!!,
Updates for 2015-08-11 start here.
Got all of the following in one email from Zehera on 2015-08-15 & just now getting around to posting them.,
Updates for 2015-10-05 start here.
I received this from Zehera Kassam, all I have on her is an email Addy so I'm not linking that. BUT if you can find one of her groups, She has some really great stuff!!! I use a lot of it & she also sends to 6-Pics.
Here's a link that was at the bottom of the email:
& this was the last pic in the email.
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