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This is really very amazing to see any people which is sitting with a dangerous or

 wild animals. Normal man cannot like to see wild animal so near. But today I am

 going to show you really amazing picture in which a man have a pet this is not a 

big thing that a man have a pet but  its a big thing that pet is not human friendly 

I mean to say dangerous animals like tiger, lion, alligators etc nobody like to keep

 these animal at home or public place as a pet because it is very dangerous not for 

you but also others.  But n these pictures you can see that a old man have a big 

lion as a pet on public place this create noise very funny and these pictures are

 also so funny maybe these are created in any software but I see real a women

 how have a big snake at home as pet and her child’s playing with big snake. You

 cant believe on it but its true lets have a look on some pictures 

which is evidence of my talk.