These Animals Are Ready to Have Fun

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These Animals Are Ready to Have Fun

Humans didn't invent having fun, that's clear. Animals have fun all the time. Like us, they play a lot more when they're younger. Unlike us, they never forget playing is fun even as an adult! These animals have come out to have fun today and gosh darnit, they will!

1. I would love to watch a match with this guy as a player.

2. "Wanna play pattycake?"

3. "This is my friend fluffy, you have a problem with that?"

4. "Mom, are you seeing this? Watch me, I'm amazing!"

5. "Oh how embarrassing, please don't tell my subjects."

6. "I love this game, I win every time!"

7. "I totally meant to do that."

8. This snowball didn't know who it was messing with...

9. OK, now I want to see a match with a lion AND an elephant in it.

10. OK little hippo, you can play too.

11. Fine! Might as well invite the whole jungle!

12. I'm sorry, rhino, it's not your fault... but it might be better if you tried a sport without a ball...

13. The scariest game of tag you'll ever play.

14. "Oh I love these "build your own kits". I made a mat."

15. "Oh no it's attacking me.. rawrrr I will beat you my sworn enemy!"

16. "Stop it stop it, I'm ticklish!|