Hi all,

Allyson, She's Susan's friend whom is better known as "Dipshit" Wanted her own album so now she has it.

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This is me Allyson, & I hate my picture on David 1's friends & family me again
me again
Ally, 40 My good looking son-201407
Updates for 2014-08-15 start here.
Want to tag Ally-Yes or No
Updates for 2015-01-06 start here.
Ally-October 01,2014 Ally-October 19, 2012
I highlighted my hair, its hard to see_1-2,
Updates for 2015-01-26 start here.
I highlighted my hair, its hard to see_2-2_on 20150120
Allyson-20150928 Allyson-2-20150928
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