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Friend and Friends Forever

A friend is a friend forever
They'll ignite a flame of love

And set your heart aglow, 
And light up your life
From your head down to your toe.

A faithful friend is always there
To lend a helping hand. 
They'll be there to defend your honour
And take a firm or gentle stand.

When you least expect it,
They may drop in to say, 
"Hello, how have you been?
I love you with all my heart,
My true and special friend."

A friend will add beauty to your life, 
Like a sweet scented flower. 
A good conversation may last into the night
Or for many, many, hours.

They will take time to stop and listen,
When your life is in doubt.
That's what a good friend's love is all about. 
A hug, a smile, a tear, or a gentle touch.

These are the things a 
Forever friend will say and do... 
For, they love you forever
And always, so very very much.