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Italian makeup artist Luca Luce uses the palm of his hand to showcase mind-bending optical illusions. With the help of perspective, clever shadow placement, and a photorealistic style of drawing, he produces surreal, three-dimensional artwork that tells fantastical stories in stunning detail.

In a series of peculiar paintings, Luce depicts anything from tiny creatures living underneath his skin and tentacles sprouting from his wrist to a tiny, four-eyed face emphatically talking to him. His portfolio even includes the visually creative reveal of a power outlet in his palm, as though he were a cyborg. Other illusions, which are less strange, feature him “holding” precious jewels or an incredibly cute rodent.

Whatever the subject matter may be, Luce's artistic expertise convincingly creates these whimsical scenes. They'll make you do a double take, and for a second, wonder if they're real.

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Who is A great group Where I get a lot of my stuff from & Marie is a great Mod there!!.