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Some you may have seen on TV or read about.  

The world is filled with all kinds of different animals, some more unusual than others. 
Here are 10 awesome animals most people don't even know exist.

Looking somewhat like a mix between a deer and a giraffe, the gerenuk lives in areas with woody vegetation. It can be found in parts of Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. The ears appear to look like antlers.

Maned Wolf
While it may look like a fox with long legs, this creature is in fact a wolf. The maned wolf resides in South America; mostly in Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina. (They would be great at wolf basketball!)

Blue Angel Slug
Native to the temperate and tropical waters around South Africa, Europe, and Australia, the blue angel slug uses the surface tension of the water to float upside down on top of the water's surface. Floating upside down is crucial to it's survival as it's blue underside helps it blend in with the water so birds won't see it. Conversely, it's silver side helps it blend in with the water's surface when fish look up.

Christmas Tree Worm 
The christmas tree worm is was discovered back in 1766. The spiral, Christmas tree-like protrusion on it's back is 
called the crown; the crown can come in a variety of different colors and usually is paired with a second.

The mola, a.k.a ocean sunfish or common mola, is the heaviest bony fish in the world. An adult make can weigh up to 2,200 lb.

Glasswinged Butterfly
As you can see, this creature's most distinguishing characteristic is it's transparent wings. These butterflies are thought to be toxic to predators as they tend to eat toxic plants and flowers and keep secondary toxic chemicals in within their tissues.

Chinese Softshell Turtle
This adorable creature is known as the Chinese softshell turtle. These turtles can be found in the rivers, lakes, ponds, canals and creeks in China. The softshell turtle is carnivorous and tend to eat fish, crustaceans, mollusks, insects and marsh plant seeds.

Long Eared Jeroba
The long eared jeroba is a nocturnal mouse-like rodent that has a long tail and ears almost as big as it's body.

Kashmir musk deer
The Kashmir musk deer is one of seven 'fanged' deer that exist in Asia. These deer were thought to be extinct, but three Kashmir musk deer (a male, female and child) were spotted in the mountains of Afghanistan in 2014. The researchers unfortunately were unable to take pictures of the deer, however the deer pictured above is a species that is closely related to the Kashmir musk deer called the Siberian musk deer.

Thorny Dragon
This unbelievable animal is called the thorny dragon but it is also known as the thorny devil or mountain devil. This small lizard is native to Australia and lives in the arid desert inside the interior of the continent.

 Sunda Colugo
The sunda colugo has the ability to glide from tree to tree. Its a herbivore that feeds mainly on soft plant parts like leaves, shoots and fruit.

Frilled Shark
The frilled shark is what's considered a living fossil, it's ancestry dates all the way back 80 million years. This creature had rarely ever been seen until some fishermen caught one near Victoria, Australia. This shark has about 25 rows of teeth, which equates to about 300 teeth.

Mexican Mole Lizard
Up close the Mexican mole lizard looks like a snake with mole paws, but actually in it is not a snake at all. This reptile is what's called a amphisbaenian, a whole separate category from lizards and snakes. There are three known species of amphisbaenian; an interesting fact about each species is that each has a different number of fingers, one has three, another has four, and the last one has five.

Superb Bird of Paradise
This small black and teal bird is known as the superb bird of paradise. When attempting to court a potential mate, this bird begins to perform a carefully orchestrated dance. When the female gets close enough, the male will extend it's folded cape-like feathers and colorful breast plate as seen above.

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