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I just love the following story and even though it’s a bit longer than usual 

I think it will be worth your time reading and may even 

inspire you to do the same as it did me. 

I was in New York the other day and rode with a friend in a taxi. When we got out, 

my friend said to the driver, "Thank you for the ride. You did a superb job of driving." 

The taxi driver was stunned for a second. Then he said, 

"Are you a wise guy or something?" "No, my dear man, and I'm not putting you on.

 I admire the way you keep cool in heavy traffic." "Yeah," the driver said and drove off. 

"What was that all about?" I asked. "I am trying to bring love back to New York," he said.

 "I believe it's the only thing that can save the city." 

"How can one man save New York?" 

"It's not one man. I believe I have made that taxi driver's day. Suppose he 

has twenty fares. He's going to be nice to those twenty fares because 

someone was nice to him. Those fares in turn will be kinder to their employees or

 shopkeepers or waiters or even their own families. Eventually the goodwill could 

spread to at least one thousand people. Now that isn't bad, is it?" 

"But you're depending on that taxi driver to pass your goodwill to others." 

"I'm not depending on it," my friend said. "I'm aware that the system isn't foolproof so

 I might deal with ten different people today. If out of ten I can make three happy, then 

eventually I can indirectly influence the attitudes of three thousand more." 

"It sounds good on paper," I admitted, "but I'm not sure it works in practice." 

"Nothing is lost if it doesn't. It didn't take any of my time to tell that man he was 

doing a good job. He neither received a larger tip nor a smaller tip. If it fell on deaf ears, 

so what? Tomorrow there will be another taxi driver I can try to make happy." 

"But you can't do this all alone!" I protested. "You're just one man." 

"The most important thing is not to get discouraged. Making people in the city become 

kind again is not an easy job, but if I can enlist other people in my campaign..." 

"You just winked at a very plain-looking woman," I said. 

"Yes, I know," he replied. "And if she's a schoolteacher, her class will be in for a fantastic day." 

Why not try some random acts of kindness yourself and make your part of the world a little kinder?

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I received this from Zehera Kassam, all I have on her is an email Addy so I'm not linking that. BUT if you can find one of her groups, She has some really great stuff!!! I use a lot of it & she also sends to 6-Pics.