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Here is the place where u find all the latest updates to the website & u can keep track of everything right here.If you need to get a hold of me right away I can be found on Yahoo messenger at D120002000.

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Me, David 1, I'm 52 & now over A half a century & Here's my Contact Info. ( Opens new page. ) Use the contact list & ask me. I might even tell ya.

Susan is my EX-wife. 40 (something) & if ya want more info. on her then Click here! ( Opens new page. ) & ask her lord knows she'll tell everything on me & the family along with it.

This is my son Owen & he is 21, He doesn't have a profile to link to so I get to ask him what he wants here {G}. He likes to play outdoors & sports with my friends, :: silence :: build stuff, ride my bike, ummm, well he was gonna list a bunch more playing stuff but I think you get the idea & I'm tired of typing{G}.
If you want his contact info then Please click here ( Opens new page. )

This is my youngest, Paul & he's a 18 year old, & he likes playing with his friends, playing basketball, out walking, playing games on the ptr. & oon other electronics & that's all he guesses.
& here's Paul's Contact info. ( Opens new page. )

Please remember what happen on
11 SEP 01, Keep those Dead & alive in your prayers!

In my opinion this was an act of war ! ! !
( as of 2016-02-16 @ 2026 hours
It's still my opinion! )
For some reason I had taken this down & I don't know why, just thought it was up too long, but If I still believe this then why should I take it down it's my site, I'm not selling anything here (directly anyway), soooo it's back because this is what I believe & I want to be reminded.

Bin Ladin is DEAD as of 05012011 Thank god & the US Forces

Can u believe that it has been 11 Years since this Act of War has happen, Ben is Dead, & we are still cleaning it up I don't know why I wont let go of this but it still saddens me when I think about it So I guess that's all I got to say about this for this entry.

This one post on 20160625-1948 Hours